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Why don't stores have snap caps behind the counter?

You know, one of the biggest things, number two right behind how it feels in my hand is how the trigger feels. So to find that out, I HAVE to actually pull the trigger!!!

Now, I know opinions on dry firing vary for "NEVER EVER EVER dry fire" to "If it can't handle dry fire how will it handle REAL firing?"

I have AK/HK - so I am closer to the whatever, this thing is indestructable school of thought.

But shop owners can go crazy about this. Well, if a dry fire or two is such a big panties in a wad deal - get some freaking snap caps and let me try that instead.

DO you here that dealers? I pull the trigger or I don't buy the gun. No trigger pull, no sale. And be a big baby about it and I might not even shop there.

And if the gun won't take three or six dry pulls a day, seriously, should it even be made? I know a hundred guns don't get dry fired each 100 times a day!!! Yeah - maybe the Glock 18 - so get a freakin mag with snap caps ready at the counter.

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