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Gunslinger Girl (Manga)

Hi folks,

I'm not sure if this book series has been posted yet, so forgive me if it has.

As of late, the past couple of weeks, I have been bit by the Manga bug. I've always been a heavy reader, and I've already finished the first two Omnibuses in the series (books One and Two; series 1-3 and 4-6). Tonight, I plan on buying the next book (Omnibus three, series 7-8).

In short, it's about a Government agency in Italy, who takes broken and abused/abandoned girls, and turns them into cyborg killers (80% cyborg, 20% human). So far, they are very well written.

I was very attracted to the amount of detail that went into the research of the proper weapons and ammunition that went into this book series. The author did a hell of a job on his studies. The pictures/drawings are extremely accurate and very well done.

The first two:

The Book Rack
The Book Rack

I strongly recommend this series for high-action reading!
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