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Originally Posted by OfficerSurvival View Post
The great challenge in the gun belt carried kit is real estate. We've found it's really tough to put enough stuff in it to be effective (i.e. not wasting your money), but keeping it small enough that it doesn't eat what little space most guys have on their belts. This is one of the reasons I'm heartened to see more and more external carriers become the norm. Most of our trauma gear is flat-packed. Great for a vest mounted IFAK or cargo pocket. Lame for belt mount.

Unfortunately, a lot of our less scrupulous competition doesn't really care if it works or not, living by the principle of "I don't care what you buy, as long as you buy it from me". We've built our business instead on the concept of "If we wouldn't carry it, we won't sell it". I'm not saying we're the only makers/dealers of decent gear, just be careful who you shop from.

Finally, I'd be happy to try to put something together for any of you guys that meets your needs. Just PM me or email me at

As to that last line, do I understand you correctly that you would be willing to do one-of custom kits for individuals?

FYI, I just wanted to throw out there that I GREATLY appreciate the time and individual responses you're throwing out there. That's awesome customer service right there.
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