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Originally Posted by kylenewman View Post
Hmm I feel like I've seen this before. Our involvement in middle eastern affairs will bite us in the ass as it has before. We have a tendency to install puppet regimes and then prop them up with arms and money. After these unsuccessful government are overthrown by their people we are forced to intervene militarily. These countries then kill our service men and women with weapons we have provided them. We fail to see history repeat its self.

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and many more all countries we've overthrown or intervened in their government then been forced to fight against American bought weapons in a hope to contain the very threat we created.
Easy there! You will be labeled un-American for such thinking! I agree we create many of the problems we face today. But no, people want to believe otherwise. I agree with you, and ironically the one man that many here just love to disparage actually had the same belief.
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