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Originally Posted by Morris View Post
No, I saw your point. I just added a flavor of humor.

That being said, the Phokus may not be suitable for SBA where deformation is a possibility. However, I recognize that this type of kit may help those who have limited kit space on their belt or don't have the pockets available for some gloves, combat gauze and a CAT or SWAT-T yes still want something reasonably handy. Ideally, it may be best under plates where the issue of deformation is reasonably moot.

Which reminds me, I need to call Jake and order the small kit for T&E with my SBA. I can certainly post my thoughts.
Sorry; my mind wasn't in "humor" mode on that one, lol. I'm actually now leaning more towards a small kit I can put on my gun belt, as long as it's not too bulky. I don't carry a lot on that belt (weapon, mags, cuffs, radio, and about to put a Surefire G2 on it), and the times I can really see myself needing that would arise from an armed escort off the institution.
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