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Originally Posted by Revvv View Post
I'm looking at investing in a pocket sized carry gun. What are you carrying ... ?
For pocket holster carry I've usually gone with one or another of my J-frames. I have 7 of them, and 5 of them have lightweight frames (Airweights and a couple of M&P 340's).

Why? Because I can shoot them reasonably well, being a long time revolver shooter.

For those times when even a J-frame won't really work well with my clothing choices ? I've started using a LCP. (The first .380 I've owned and carried in at least 25 years, with my previous one being a Beretta M84 I sold off years ago).

I've carried my Glock 26/27's, Ruger SP101DAO, CS9, SW999c, etc in pocket holsters when wearing some of my jackets & coats, but for the most part they're wither too large and/or heavy for typical pocket-holster carry ... for me and my perceived needs and preferences. I know guys who feel otherwise.

Originally Posted by Revvv View Post
...or recommend?
I try to avoid making recommendations to folks regarding off-duty/secondary or CCW/retirement weapons.

Why? Because what works well for me might not do so for someone else.

Also, I prefer to be able to work with someone on a range, so I can assess their skillset and abilities to use small handguns before offering suggestions of what I think they may want to look at while deciding.

I've been asked this question a lot over the years of having worked as a firearms instructor. I usually try to arrange for the person asking the question to try (on the range) representative examples of whatever he/she is considering, or may be curious about, if possible. Let them decide for themselves.

I may offer some occasional insights, observations or explanations of features, functioning, operation, shooting technique adaptations, etc ... but I prefer people take more of an active role in deciding for themselves what they're going to spend their money on and carry as dedicated defensive weapons.

Not everyone is able to safely, confidently, accurately & effectively manipulate and shoot smaller "pocket guns" as well as larger handguns. Some have a hard enough time as it is with full-size handguns.

Then, there's consideration of being able to employ the pocket-holster carry method in a safe, practical and effective manner, depending on the individual and his/her clothing choices, daily activities, etc.
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