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Those bullets are 18 brinell if they're the same as on the website. I don't think it would be a waste of time trying those out. I don't use gas checks on anything. 18 brinell is the same hardness as linotype.

I will admit I don't load .357 mag rifle (I do for pistol), but the water dropped wheel weights work great in my .44 mag lever gun.

I know you have a bolt action... I don't foresee any issues with feeding, but the lswc does hang up on rare occasion trying to feed in my lever gun. Nothing catastrophic, just have to jiggle a little to get the shoulder up the ramp.

I'd be shocked if they didn't work well, but if the 158's don't get it done, I'd look at a 180 grain rnfp for better penetration and feeding.
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