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Originally Posted by OfficerSurvival View Post
It will fit inside your soft armor carrier. The only question that we haven't answered yet (since it's a typical winter in Seattle) is how clammy it will get right next to your body on a hot day.

Regarding the new kit idea, it sounds like a shirt pocket size is the way to go rather than the plate pocket. We'll have to slim the kit down a lot to do that, so what would your priorities be? My first blush is QuikClot gauze, gloves, and a tourniquet. Bag can double as a chest seal. Would you want to see variations or just one? Thanks again for the feedback.

Maybe throw a triangular bandage or two in there? There's a million things you can do with them, and they take up almost no room to speak of. It would help in holding the quikclot gauze in, hold a chest seal on, rig a sling, makeshift 2nd tourniquet if needed, etc.
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