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Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Are you a business owner, or law professor specializing in constitutional law? Perhaps you're a psychologist that has some special insight into what the forefathers were thinking when they drafted the law? Or maybe, you're simply regurgitating what you've heard someone else say? It doesn't matter. The right to keep and bear arms was guaranteed by the 2A, and while it may be arguable what the intention was, it's very clear in today's law that as a law abiding citizen there are two things that are not arguable. 1. I have a license and have a right to carry, 2. I have a right to defend myself(family etc) from harm.
No need to get smug.

I'm not disputing RKBA and its intent and never have.
Being a shooter for 30+ years, a Marine for 4 years, and a state certified CCW instructor since 2001, I clearly understand exactly why the 2A was drafted and what it means.

BTW, my business is a small pub that serves alcohol...we have seating for 50+ people and derive over 50% of our gross income from food sales so CCW is legal provided the individual is seated in an area "designated for eating." A gray area for sure, but I expect patrons to use prudent judgement.
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