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Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Slow your roll, man. your reaction appears to be somewhat knee jerk, and there's plenty of that going on in Washington right now. If you don't like the letter, you're free to not like it. If you wouldn't care that customers don't trade in your business, that's up to you too. But ease up on the rest of us that feel we should be heard too, because it's OUR right to be heard.
Actually, too many folks (your letter included) truly think that businesses care what the customer thinks, especially when it comes to CCW.

As for you being "heard" I don't have the ability to render your opinion pointless or make your post disappear and even if I could, I would not.

I am simply disagreeing with the effectiveness (or lack there of) of your approach.

GT (like a business) is a privately owned site that is open to he public. While staying within the TOS, we can all express how we feel and free to disagree.
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