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The posted article states that billionaires are selling off major positions but fails to point out that they are reinvesting that money elsewhere in the stock market. Buffett has been buying Wells Fargo and IBM nonstop for a while, among others.

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This is why I have been positioning myself for just this senario. Absolutely no debt. Sufficient supplies to last a year if necessary. As in food not doomsday foolishness. When it tanks those with just enough income to cover bills will be in deep fecal matter.

Still have the farm which could have been converted to cash that the government would have wanted half or better of the return. Have a place to live and raise food. Enough cash to pay taxes.
How does having absolutely no debt help in a hyperinflation scenario?

That's cool that you have a farm. I want one of those once I get out of the military and settle some place.

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Every American that is in the stock market. I pulled all of my retirement (401K) funds out of the market last year and parked it in cash. Yeah, I lost out on the latest gains. But, if you try to time this you'll get burned. Better safe than sorry - get out now!
If we experience a 90% market correction it will destroy the economy and everyone will be SOL regardless of who is in the market. Nobody's money will be worth anything, so it wont matter who had how much where.

If you think trying to time the market will get you burned, why did you sell during the middle of a rally? (works both ways)

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Inflated currency generally has a positive effect on the market. Truth.

Buffett bought hugely in the 08 downturn and has significant gains. I suspect he would love to see another dramatic correction. Value investors always love corrections. The difference between now and then is that Buffett bought nothing in the years leading up to the 08 mess.

A correction is coming. No one debates that. This is always true, doesn't really say anything about our current situation.

It sure is starting to look like a bubble to me.Interested to hear your opinion on what is looking like a bubble and why.
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