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Originally Posted by DaBigBR View Post
It's such a can of worms for agencies. The few that have standards and/or provide incentives for fitness and have been doing so for some time are pretty solid. It's agencies that want to start something up that are afraid of paying workman's comp for workout related injuries that have to figure it out.

I know of one agency that requires that sworn personnel complete the entry testing (sit ups, push ups, sit and reach, 1.5 mile run) at periodic intervals (I can't remember if it's every six months, quarterly, etc). They pay the troops for participating (obviously) and award extra personal leave time for passing. Everybody wins, and there is a little extra incentive in staying in shape. They have very few folks that look like they're out of shape, too.

My agency has no program, but we have very few notably overweight or out of shape folks overall. That is helped out by being a relatively young department due to retirements and added positions in the last few years. Our special response team (18 members / rougly 22% of sworn staff) also must meet physical standards, which would count towards that, too.
A couple years ago I actually floated the idea of a defined physical standard and the union *****ed like a school girl.
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