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Originally Posted by scottydl View Post
Folks new to working out (or getting back into it after a long break from exercise) should be careful with intense programs like Crossfit. Lots of potential for injuries in the form of tearing muscles/tendons.
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Agreed to a point. I will say that if you have a decent Crossfit instructor, that's not a problem. They should be teaching you the movements and only letting you do the things you are able to. Although vaginitis is not a valid excuse to not do a workout.

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I've spent half a work out practicing a skill with no weight or with PVC for a movement that will take place in the future. I haven't even done a full clean yet (hang cleans only) and probably won't until my mechanics are solid. It's hard to "tear" muscles and connective tissues when your mechanics are solid. Sore does not equal damage.
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