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If you believe in technical analysis (and I do since it is simply a proxy for human psychology), we are finally re-testing the previous high before the March 2009 low. We've come straight up from S&P500 660 to 1520. These "V-bottoms" are NEVER left untested. The March 2009 low will be retested and the fundamentals of a second Obama administration support this to a 'T'. It ain't 90% but a 50% retracement from this high would be well within most technicians' definition of normal. So, S&P 750 is a real possibility.

Note to blind optimists ala JebinTX: High flyer AAPL could do no wrong a few months ago, now it's down 40% even though its fundamentals are still strong. I think AAPL is giving everyone a loud warning. Can you hear it?

Short the S&P 500.
Short US Treasuries (TBT e.g.)
G17, G26, G30SF, Gen4 G23

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty." Ben Franklin

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