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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
Yup! That's about it. I've seen faster; heck, I've been faster; but, now that I'm old, the guy in the video is about as quick as I'm still able to be.

If anyone is wondering about the actual time differences? A good pistolero will add no more than .25 second to his shot speed; a decent gunman will add between .35 and .45 second to his shot speed. The last time I was timed (a few years ago, now) the best I did was .38 and my averages ran between .42 and .47 second.

Is there a disadvantage to the, 'Mossad Draw'? Yes, you've got to employ both hands - Internet ballyhoo aside, that's about it! Some people say that this is a huge disadvantage IF you get hit in an arm, and have one limb out of commission.

However, anyone who gets hit anywhere is - as long as he's not running on, 'pure adrenaline' - probably going to be out of the fight. If not permanently then, at least, for the moment. All bullet wounds hurt; so the, 'you've just been shot in the arm' objection tends to be highly prejudiced. The trick, the art, is simply not to get hit first - Period.

It can, also, be a mistake to assume that just because you're in C-1 you're going to be faster than the other guy and win the fight. In the real world (off the Internet) that simply isn't true; AND, I am, also, 100% certain it isn't true. There are an awful lot of, 'C-1 Glockeroo Cowboys' out there who represent a serious potential danger to their: families, friends, all strangers they come into contact with, and themselves as well from unnecessary daily C-1 carry.

Still, I've been on the Internet long enough to know that there's just no talking to some people; they ain't never been involved in a civilian armed encounter; they're, probably, never going to be involved in any CQB gunfight - anywhere, ever - and, still, they're willing to, 'risk it all' on unnecessary Daily C-1 carry.
This is all good, simple advice.
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