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Originally Posted by Riverkilt View Post
I can see a parallel with another program. In Arizona, and I imagine other states, if you're going to be employed around children then you need to get a background clearance from the state department of public safety (Highway Patrol). You get fingerprinted, fill out the standard FBI fingerprint card and send it off. A couple months later you get your card. Five years later you have to do it again - renew - prints and all. So you have this card you can carry around to prove to your employer, or any prospective new employers, that you have this clearance that says you're a "good guy." Background checks for firearms "could" work like that. You'd have to show your "good guy" card to buy a firearm. Course the current system hasn't curtailed child abuse since most child abuse doesn't come from professionals, it comes from people the kids know - like their parents or a weird uncle...but damn...we got them cards....
Here's the BIG JOKE. My Daughter did this to become a Teacher and put the wrong Social Security number down and she passed with flying colors. She reversed two numbers by accident. What do they really check?....but take your money! They can't even match simple data.

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