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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
What difference does that make? The government is required to prove you DID buy it illegally. It isn't your burden to prove you did not.

If the gun was made before the universal background check law, it means absolutely nothing that you don't have proof of when you bought it, unless you admit you bought it after or the government has an informant who says you did.
This is spot on. The gov and or cops cant just snatch up your legally owned and carried firearm to run a trace just for fun.

Hopefully this can be done without universal registration or i will be standing in line just like everyone else fighting it. Imho it can be done without universal registration.

Heres how it works: ffl sells firearm to person a. Person a sells firearm two years later to person b. Person a is required to check state id and check for permit to carry or permit to purchase. Bada bing all new laws were followed.

If person a sells the gun without checking and then the gun is used in a crime gov uses current 4473 tracking methods to find out if person a followed the law. If the gov can prove they did not then person a is punished accordingly. If they cant prove it its just like any other crime.

Now with that said this method makes it a difficult law to enforce and that is how it should be. No further changes are acceptable to me.

In all honesty we should all be checking id and permits anyway. As gun owners we have a vested interest in keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

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