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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Despite the high taxes and stifling regulations, California is home to companies which are larger than the entire economies of most states. Apple alone is bigger than the entire economy of Arkansas. HP is bigger than Utah. These are mathematical facts.
I think you are, obliquely, hitting on the key point how Calif is hurting itself. A very large co's. aggregate tax load is not defined by where it's HQ is located. It's small and medium sized Cali. companies that are being crucified. People of means and many companies really are leaving Cali.

Cali and NY really hammered Texas during the oil and S&L busts of the '80s. I feel ZERO remorse for Texas hammering both places now.

It's not all gold dust and lollypops in Texas tho. A good number of economic refugees from Ohio, Illinois, Cali, NY, FL and others arrive in Texas with no skills or very low skills - in the long run that's going to hurt our state.
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