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Originally Posted by Armedleprechaun View Post
You should be dropped off in the middle of the Agahn mountains, with nothing but the clothes on your back... Go play in traffic.
Read his second post before you go off half cocked.

Originally Posted by moeman View Post
My apologies.. A lot has been read into my post... I meant this in the sense of a warrior/gladiator not that he deserved anything.

Me, I'd rather die by shark attack doing what I like to do scuba/snorkeling than spend months in an ICU bed as a sick person then die-- I see this a lot in my world.

So, please accept my apology-- I kind of think that Chris would get this.. Working w/ PTSD vets has risk just like working w/ other mental situations.

He was the ultimate warrior.
"You live more in 5 minutes on a motorcycle
than some people do in a lifetime"-B. Munro

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