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Gen4 19 vs 21 Trigger

Hi everyone,

I'm the happy owner of a Gen4 19 and Gen4 21. The 19 went through the well-known ejection-to-the-head problems, getting an updated RSA at the gun shop, and finally going back to Smyrna for a new ejector. It's been absolutely perfect since then with about 1,000 flawless rounds.

Except for the trigger. The trigger on the 19 is awful - lots of creep and stack, long takeup, tight, gummy break. I've had a gunsmith check it, tried the "-" connector, the NY1 spring, a lightened firing pin safety spring, and have polished everything mirror smooth. I even filed down the Gen4 trigger bar bump a little, and smoothed it out. None of that really did much. It's a little lighter and a little smoother but still awful.

Then I brought home the 21 a few weeks ago and was shocked. The trigger in the 21 is amazing - extremely smooth, light and clean break, minimal takeup, fantastic reset. Honestly it's as good a trigger as many nice 1911s I've fired. It's bone stock and I'm not going to do anything to the gun except changing to Warren-Sevigny sights.

I understand that quality control can cause big trigger differences in Glocks, but:

1. Can anyone explain specifically why the 19 is SO BAD (even after all the work) while the 21 is SO GOOD? I hear from many people that the 21 trigger is outstanding - but why?

2. Can anyone recommend a realistic way to make the 19 trigger as good as the 21 using stock parts only (I want to stay with stock parts)?

Thank you very much.
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