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“We’re such a small brotherhood that when something happens to anybody here or overseas, word travels fast,” Denver told The Times on Sunday.

Denver said the news was “really hard to believe,” and he called Kyle “one of our real champions and battle stars.”

For Denver, one of the toughest parts to believe was that Kyle was “not only killed, but on a range with someone he was trying to help, another veteran.”

“I knew Chris had been working with other veterans, folks with PTSD, trying to help them get better,” Denver said. "It’s hard to stomach that someone he was trying to help would turn on him.”

Denver said that during the last day, he has fielded questions from civilians who can’t understand why Kyle would have taken someone with PTSD to a shooting range — but as a veteran, he understands.

“That type of shooting can actually be cathartic, calming,” he said, “letting your heart settle,” particularly for veterans who have just returned home after being accustomed to carrying weapons.
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