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Originally Posted by Ship A'Hoy View Post
I've bought two Glocks at the LEO discount price by just showing my badge and credential in person at a local store.

I didn't sign any paper stating any intent on how to use it or resell it.

If you re-read my post I didn't say anything about store sales other than if they sell the weapon to you at a reduced price and do not charge taxes they are a LE dealer for Glock. I have no experience with walking into a LE dealer and buying a Glock at LE price out the store. We have to order all our Glocks and that form is a requirement to get LE prices from any of our distributors on firearms.

Originally Posted by deadmanglocking View Post
Same here. Just showed GT my EMT creds and paid for it and walked out.

That form I posted above is our GT Dist form for buying Glocks. We have to order them though, we can't walk in.
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