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Most every company involved in the sale of guns and gun parts has been severely impacted by the "Hurricane Katrina" of the gun world. Every company is different, so the impacts on each are different. Some companies are probably over-staffed to begin with, and others operate on a "shoe-string".

But even the best are severely impacted by this "happening", caused by things we all know about. One of the biggest problem causes is, those of us with guns, haven't adequately prepared ourselves for this situation, and are scrambling to get better prepared. Then there are all of those who just haven't gotten into guns, that now see that they should. And with both of these happening at the same time, POW - "hurricane".

Not enough stock and supply chain to do anything like meet the demand of the public. Yes, we are pretty well spoiled by the greatness of online ordering and online order info! But, when "crap happens" to the supply world, doncha think we need to be a little more tolerant and understanding, since we do know what is going on in all of this????

It will take some time, but all good suppliers will recover, get their stocks back up, and probably be "overstocked", when all of this slows back to normal!

I ordered hi-cap mags from Glock Store on Christmas day, and received them about 3 weeks later.
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