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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
At least you are somewhat brighter that ""Dexters" I'll give you credit for that.

The Siskiyou National Forest is at its closest about 300 miles from Portland which is the closest large city. The native populations of the Counties surrounding it total 195,600. Now given that there is all of the rest of the States of California and Oregon, it is doubtful that the entire populations of those States are going to head to this corner of the world. Or would you be that stupid? We are but one corner of a lot of territory, we happen to be pretty remote with one laughable two-lane road called a highway on one side and 1-5 on the other and a mountain range in between.

"Estimated populations" mean squat. I have personally seen wildlife surveys become "adjusted" to meet desired out comes.

Sorry but I am actually HERE not reading about it and hanging my hat on geusstimations.

Like I said, you are a little brighter than Dexters, a little at least. Now sit there in your overpopulated States and worry about the problems you will have.
I know that estimated deer populations can be off, but let's be serious, there are likely fewer deer than people, especially if you include the entire Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and not just your half.

I included the deer population of California originally, but most of your forest is actually located in Oregon. The entire state has an estimated deer population of around 300,000. Unless you can demonstrate that you are better qualified to provide an estimate, I'll stick with that. The human population of the Rogue-River-Siskiyou National Forest is nearly 700,000. So people don't have to come from far and wide in order to deplete the deer population to the point where it would at least be difficult to find them - after all, you're talking about 1.7M acres total. That's a lot of area, although not the largest national forest in Oregon by a wide margin.

And your forest is just one of many National Forests in Oregon, all with their own deer populations. So even if the actual deer population were double or triple the estimates, there still wouldn't be enough deer to keep many people in venison for any extended period of time.

And, actually, Portland is the furthest large city. Eugene, Salem, and especially Medford are all closer. They are the second, third, and fourth largest cities in the state, respectively. True, they aren't nearly as big as Portland, but they're not exactly villages. But you're correct that you probably wouldn't get much traffic from any of those cities, except maybe Medford, because there are other national forests closer to all three of the other cities.

Look, I've got no dog in this fight. Figuring out where you're located was just a way to relieve the boredom. I'm just using figures that unless you can prove otherwise, I've got to assume are at least reasonably close to correct. I hope the figures are totally wrong and there are several million deer for you to hunt and that you live a wonderful life eating venison all the day long in the wake of any SHTF situation.
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