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Originally Posted by Dexters View Post
And you can't read a map - look at where San Fran and Sacramento are.

See what happens when you actually say something? You get it wrong.

Do you even know how many deer there are in the Siskiyou National Forest?

Keep on squirming.
You are the one squirming quite frankly.

You had to ride on someone else's intellectual coat tails to figure out where I am. You aren't very impressive.

Your whole scenario is based upon a fantasy model of thousands of people streaming out of the cities to play "Batman of the Boondocks" That scenario dates back to the days of Mel Tappan in the late 70's. Coincidentally, Mr. Tappan located himself, guess where? On the eastern edge of the Siskiyou National Forest in "Rogue River, Oregon".
And BTW if you have ever heard of "Backwoods Home" magazine (Mas Ayoob writes for them) You might wonder why Dave Duffy moved the entire operation to the nearby town and took up residence here

Even Tappan missed the point of the historical lesson, but his predictions became a "taken for fact" projection in the minds of "survivalists" then and "preppers" now. Look at the years following 1929. People did not flock to the country in droves. quite actually the opposite occurred, those from rural areas move TO the cities seeking employment and to stand in soup lines. To think that the cities will empty is the height of over-aggrandizement of your own plans. Do you really think human nature has changed so much in 85 years (perhaps because of your divine birth) that the natural polls have reversed and people are suddenly going to do the opposite of what they have done in the past?

Do you really think that all those masses in the big cities who voted for Obama are going to suddenly give up the idea that Government can save them? They are going to chuck their beliefs and move to "Green Acres"? Every one of your ideas is a projection of that fantasy.

It must be tempting to think that you are part of a group of hundreds of thousands of people who will flee, there is comfort in numbers, and that is exactly why people will stay right where they are. I hate to break it to you, but they made the entertainment series "Doomsday Preppers" because such folks (maybe like all of us in this thread) are a curious, small, anomalous group in society. People are entertained by it, like they find the Amish based shows amusing, doesn't mean that everybody that watches is going to become Amish.

There wasn't a rush to the country in the thirties, there wasn't a rush to country in the eighteen nineties during that depression either.

There is actually no basis for your fantasy of a flood to the country. the reality of the nature of the masses and history does not support it, no matter how much you dream it. To project that all of California is going to head to the woods s some of you clowns have, is just another little-boy in the schoolyard "But what if ..." hypothetical to keep you fantasy fueled.
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