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Originally Posted by Wolfdad View Post
"shall not be infringed"

Originally Posted by pizza_pablo View Post

Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
This argument needs to end, because it makes gun rights crowd look bullheaded, stubborn, and uneducated.

It is the law of the land........

Let me give you another example:

"Congress shall make no law [...] abridging the freedom of speech"

This is the crux.

And yet the FCC exists, restricting content of broadcasts.

So do a bunch of .gub folk that Illegally do the same thing.This nation has gone about the systematic destruction of the COTUS.FDR started it and them their folk that can vote for raises and or money fer votes.That is how Santa got ta park his sleigh at 1600 yet again.

When you start standing up for full-blown, hard-core porn to be broadcast on NBC at 7pm, then you can make the "shall not be infringed" arguments.

Porn =s the 2a.

As for the Supreme Court on AWB/magazine restrictions, it has yet to be determined. "Heller" said reasonable restrictions are acceptable. "McDonald" said that applies to the States as well. And "Reasonable" has yet to be decided, but I'm willing to bet a case will be coming soon, probably out of New York, that will help make that determination.
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