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Originally Posted by pspez View Post
What does"blue label " mean?
When you look at the label on a Glock gun box, the label is coloured: blue, red, white (maybe more?).

I still maintain that blue label guns are those cherry picked from the assembly lines.

Anyway, Generation 3 Glocks in blue labels came with 3 magazines while red and white labels come with 2. Glock's website provide a list of occupations (20 something occupations, including GSSF membership) that "allows" purchases of blue labels. However, each LGS, if they want, can sell blue label guns to anyone. The LGS just can't sell it at the agreed to discount they have with Glock Inc. Think of it as when General Motors offers their "employee discount" to the general public as a sales incentive. But when that incentive is not advertised, your local GM dealer can still say "pssst... because you two seem like such a nice couple, I'll sell you this car at a discount equal to the employee discount."

However, with Generation 4 guns, all guns (regardless of colour labels) come with 3 mags. (Which to me shows gen 3 models are way more popular than gen 4 models!)
Although many good citizens own and carry guns, keeping communities safe still fall on those who carry badges.

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