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Originally Posted by redbeamer View Post
There was a case in Roanoke, VA where a former police officer bought a glock on discount and then sold it to a relative. He was charged criminally for it.

Here is the link to the case:
Intentionally buying a gun for a known out-of-state resident will do it... The LGS told him that they will sell the out-of-state relative the gun at the discounted price, but the LGS will have to ship it to the relative's out-of-state FFL. Then the relative can do the paperwork, pay for it, etc...

This is not a "gift" to the relative because the relative reimbursed him for the cost via the cancelled check.

At least figure out how to do it, just like hundreds of people do everyday, when they sell/trade their guns without getting in trouble.

There's also the issue that in exchange for money, he transferred the handgun directly to an out-of-state person.
Although many good citizens own and carry guns, keeping communities safe still fall on those who carry badges.

In a gun fight, even if you do everything right, you can still get killed.

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