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Originally Posted by Louisville Glocker View Post
Well, there are forms filled out with each purchase, yes. Those are available if a Federal agency wanted to look at them. They include all the basic info, gun description, serial number, date of purchase etc.

I don't work at a gun store, so I don't know if that form is transmitted to the state, or if records are just maintained on premises. But I'm pretty darn sure those records don't just get shredded. My understanding is that they are kept on file.
Yes, I think they are kept on file and are available for inspection. The way the system was sold to the subjects is that if LE was investigating a gun used in a crime they could trace the gun to the FFL from the manufacturer/distributor and then use the 4473 info to find the original buyer. It were not to be used to create a registration scheme. i.e., it was not supposed to be a way for "the feds" to know about all of your guns.
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