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Originally Posted by AngryBassets View Post
I looked into Collier County a few years ago (2008?) for consideration of moving there after I retire (which will be in 2015, when I'll be just 43). Seemed like a decent department from what I could find out. I'd only have to attend a 2 week academy.

Probably won't be going anywhere; family and all that.
You're currently certified, so you would only have to do a 2 week "comparitive compliance" school; the OP would have to do the whole academy, 22 weeks worth;

Collier is a very good agency, and one of the highest paid in Florida; they are also one of the toughest to get into; the other downside is that the cost of living there is very high;

Broward is another good agency, and they pay well, but as with Collier, the cost of living is up there ; Also, most of the Broward area is becoming "Miami-ized", with a lot of crime, inflated property values, and traffic that is beyond belief.

OP, If I were you, I would stick with the Space Coast, or the Charlotte County area.
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