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Originally Posted by Donn57 View Post
You appear to live in the Siskiyou area of the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest located between Oregon and California. The total population of the counties that make up the entire national forest is about 700,000.

The total estimated population of deer in the two states combined is no more than 1,000,000.

The total population of California and Oregon is approximately 42,000,000. Even if only 10% (4.2M) people survive, and every deer in the two states can be found and killed, that's 1 deer for every 4.2 people. Then all the deer will be dead.
At least you are somewhat brighter that ""Dexters" I'll give you credit for that.

The Siskiyou National Forest is at its closest about 300 miles from Portland which is the closest large city. The native populations of the Counties surrounding it total 195,600. Now given that there is all of the rest of the States of California and Oregon, it is doubtful that the entire populations of those States are going to head to this corner of the world. Or would you be that stupid? We are but one corner of a lot of territory, we happen to be pretty remote with one laughable two-lane road called a highway on one side and 1-5 on the other and a mountain range in between.

I doubt we would become the feeding table for two States. There just isn't anything else to draw people here in a crisis. We could probably sustain most of our population based on agriculture but not enough to draw folks in who aren't already here. We are not the best location in the region, which is to the benefit of the residents.

"Estimated populations" mean squat. I have personally seen wildlife surveys become "adjusted" to meet desired out comes.

Sorry but I am actually HERE not reading about it and hanging my hat on geusstimations.

Like I said, you are a little brighter than Dexters, a little at least. Now sit there in your overpopulated States and worry about the problems you will have.
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