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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Are you referring to your stupid question about a "hunting plan?" in all your garbage it's hard to sort it out. There is no such thing as "hunting plan" when you live in the game region. Yu hunt when you have to or can. You keep a capable firearm on you and take game by opportunity. Being a horseman helps getting where I want but all in all there isn't, and never has been much of a reason to go into the deep woods. The more easily accessed edges of the forest, where I reside, has never been emptied of game.

You like numbers and studies?
let's take a look at something.
you are from Georgia, correct?
Georgia has the has the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. combined the total 866,468 Sq acres.
You have 128,000 acres of State Parks and Forest
total 994,468 acres
Georgia has a population of 9,600,000

That is less the one million acres of National and State forest for over nine-and-a-half-million people.

In my County and the four other Counties in the geographically isolated region we have a National Forest that comprises

1,094,726 sq acres (that does not include State parks)

The total population of the four Counties?

That is more than one-million acres for one-hundred-ninety-five-thousand people.

It's no wonder you can't grasp it.
You're a dog that don't hunt. Squirm away.

Originally Posted by Dexters View Post
When the SHTF what is your hunting plan? What do you plan on hunting and how? I don't really expect you to give a good answer. You strike me as one of those city boys who moves to the country and never stops talking about who they know, what they own, what they did and all they know. Try to pin them down about anything and they squirm away. Folks raised in the country don't talk that way. We just roll our eyes listen to your stories and take your money. Do you know what a honey wagon is? I'm guessing you own a few.
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