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Originally Posted by gjk5 View Post
have you ever worked with disabled vets?

some of them react adversely to gunfire (imagine that!). The organizations we have dealt with always have them vetted through either the VA or their own docs. Plenty of them are just not ready to go on a hunt.
A lot of us who have been shot at react adversely to gunfire. I used to flinch a lot when there was unexpected gunfire after taking rounds regularly from a hostile enemy in an undeclared war. I would go to a range, and hear a volley randomly go off on the other side of an adjacent burm and look instinctively for cover. When I left to investigations I had to deal with kids who have never been shot at, when I would flinch and look for cover by instinct, they thought that was funny. It took awhile to get past that.

I never once considered murdering my green brothers. A lot of people in uniform, not just the military, deal with PTSD. The issue is, there is help for folks in declared conflicts. For the LEOs there is only a code of silence that usually leads to alcohol abuse and suicide in the worst of circumstances. Rarely, ever do you find blue on blue PTSD murders that I know of.

So, like I said, I just don't get it. I understand what PTSD is. I understand what it is like to get over it on my own. I don't understand the desire to murder your freinds and fellow brothers. I'll never understand that. I doesn't make sense.

PTSD is more when there is a stimulous that reminds of being in that situation and you react, you also get angry easier, and you get moodier easier. I understand that part, I have been there. To this day, if you jump out and say "Boo!" I am more inclined to knock your block off and ask questions later. In my mind, hesitation means you have already lost.

But, murdering your fellow friends and brothers. I will never, ever, get that.

The worst that would happen to my brothers in green is drunken fist fights. That is pretty much the norm.
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