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Originally Posted by Patchman View Post
Hmmmm. Now here's a question... under LEOSA, why shouldn't a cop from state "A" be allowed go go to state "H" and purchase a gun there? As long as that purchase in state "H" is made under the same requirements imposed on CCWers in state "H"?

Yeah, I know HR218/LEOSA only says what you're allowed to do. But why shouldn't that be allowed as a natural right derived from the same rights as a CCWer in state "H?"

I know it may sound radical right now. But let's sleep on it and think about it. LEOSA gives visiting LEOs the same rights as a CCWer of that state. So let that include purchasing ammo and guns.

OK, there's the issue of transporting the gun out of state. But if the gun is not transported out of state, but kept in-state (summer home, retirement home, etc...)
You most certainly could go to a store, and purchase any gun you like. The issue is the FFL holder will not let you walk out of the store with it because you are a non-resident, and will have to have an FFL in your home state receive it. Re-selling it is not the issue, but if it is transported across state lines it is a separate criminal violation.

Otherwise with as many toys as I buy on auction sites, I would take more road trips.
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