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Originally Posted by DaBigBR View Post
Also incorrect. Glock makes the "blue label" pricing available at specific dealers. Those dealers can sell FTF or ship to another FFL to complete the transfer. Showing credentials to that dealer to prove eligibility for the pricing is different than a CLEO signed letter stating that the gun is for duty use. The letter is used to have the gun shipped directly to the agency, therefore bypassing the FFL/4473 requirement.
That is actually what I just said. In order for them to be able to sell the weapons at LE price they have to be able to purchase the as an LE dealer. The dealer price for Glocks is higher than $395 per (not 45/10mm).

Dealer price with a significant buy in is around $415-$435 as of about a year ago for a Glock with 2 magazines. If it happened any other way Glock would have to refund the dealer the price difference or it would cost the dealer money. I understand the form also bypasses the FFL/4473 requirement and stated as such above and pasted the exact form also stating that from GT Dist which owns territory for Glock LE sales.
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