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Originally Posted by nikerret View Post
I was referring to the way those coming from other areas would get to that type of location. If you live in that, I doubt you have to go far to get game.
Indeed. There are only two roads that can get you the 15 miles from town to where I was standing. One is a country road that leads to a logging road and another is partially paved and runs through town. those 15 miles are logging road. in essence, it is our communities huge back yard with a major mountain range and rive as the back fence, with only two gates on the front side.

Game is abundant in those conditions and habitat population forces the game out of this inaccessible area into more accessible areas.

Now let's hear the armchair experts and there "What if, what if?" snivels. It is the same conditions as the 1930's with no noticeable increase in the human predator capable population. It didn't destroy the deer population then, and won't now. This is not your Daddy's neighborhood, nor is it where the "studies" were done. I have no doubt that there are places that will suffer devastating loses that is fact, it is also a fact that my area wasn't then and wouldn't be one of them now. What is so hard to grasp about a different location having different conditions?

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