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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Oh no you just walk right on out there several miles in that terrain, shoot a deer and carry it back, go on, I want to watch. Let's see how calorie efficient that is.

Oh yah I can just see that depleting the deer herds around here, sure I can

When the SHTF what is your hunting plan? What do you plan on hunting and how? I don't really expect you to give a good answer. You strike me as one of those city boys who moves to the country and never stops talking about who they know, what they own, what they did and all they know. Try to pin them down about anything and they squirm away. Folks raised in the country don't talk that way. We just roll our eyes listen to your stories and take your money. Do you know what a honey wagon is? I'm guessing you own a few.
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