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I don't know what a tactical sling is. So if I have a choice between a really nice regular 1 point sling or a really crappy 1 tactical sling, go with tactical?

The word tactical has no meaning except to convey a lack of vocabulary or it donotes a lack of critical thinking of when determinging your real need for gear.

That said, Murph makes a good point about a single point slings and I do have on my 870 and a 2 point on my 1200.

I use the Megpul MS3 with the Mesa receiver mount. It works very well for transitions but not so well for running around and doing stuff that doesn't have me holding onto the weapon. It's a nut buster however, that sling can be detached and attached to a forward mount if you need it 2 point usefulness. Most of my range work/classes are congenial to single point use.
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