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trying to tie up loose ends

Kaboom, the next day...

First, I changed the two pictures to show the cracked frame and my wounded hand. My hand actually looks worse today, but you get the idea.

I do not reload. Unable to answer mic questions or diameter ....all I can say is that the rounds fit into the 40 cal barrel. And the barrel is unscathed.

I am going to get another g29...not sure I trust any part of that gun now. The slide may be fine, but I don't want questions in my mind related to the explosion. I'm sure it is psychological...but for a carry self defense gun, you never want to wonder. Maybe I'll get it checked out someday. But I want my g29 back. The reasons that I wanted it in the first place are still there, reliability and performance. It shoots a very good self defense round, and can be concealed.

I don't believe a squib happened. I do remember enough of what happened to eliminate a "soft round"...there were consistent bangs and pushes against my hand until the kaboom. Only 4 rounds fired.

I suppose I had a dangerous misconception. I believed that my g29 could handle even "tricky" ammo. I believed it was invincible, especially up against puny 40 caliber stuff. Thus my temptation to try to shoot it with the Swamp Fox ammo.

The lesson learned is that bad ammo can blow up your glock. The self assurance that you have that you are shooting glock almighty is a false sense of security. Internet police, forgive me, but


Those who preach slowly going up on your powder loads are preaching the truth. Listen carefully and learn if you are reloading. Never think for one second that it can't happen to you. I am living proof(thank God) that it can happen. I am very lucky that I escaped serious injury. Getting off soapbox now.

I want to get back on the horse but I will have to wait. My hand is so sore that I will only pick up a gun to defend my life practice for at least a couple of weeks. And I have no idea how long I will have to wait to get a g29....and that's ok. I have no problem waiting for what I want...I'm spoiled. Once you've got the g29 in your've got the fever.

Is it possible that a bullet that is slammed with powder actually could somehow increase pressure with age? The Swamp Fox ammo in question is almost three years old. I did shoot some of it when I first got it...other than being stout loads I never saw anything like what I've seen in the last two weeks. Not interested in chasing a ghost....just wondering.

And yes, starline brass
thanks to all

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