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Deadandgone, you can send it to Glock in Georgia directly, (call to make the arrangements and shippng proceedure), they will provide you a new frame at a reasonable cost or maybe even free. You can explain the situation if they ask. I have heard of some getting new frame for free and some as little as $60 and new magazine for a few more $, but that was awhile back.

I have read about many case blow outs, and yours is typical! Glad you were not seriously hurt. Were these StarLine cases that blew out? The reason I ask is I see them as soft brass, not a bad thing for handloading because brass gets work hardened with use.

The SwampFox loads may have been too much period, Mike may have loaded them incorrectly thinking they were 10mm's! If you would like, you could send them to me and I would pull them and carefully document what is inside...I like doing pull-downs and understanding the dynamics that lead up to issues like you experienced. PM me if this would be of interest to further educate ourselves to what happened.

Best regards and hope you can get your G-29 fixed-up to once again be your shooter! Get well soon!
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