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Originally Posted by audiomechanic View Post
It's the wife again. Thanks everyone for the help thus far. I went today to a large gun store in town and a man who was a police office for 30 years basically told me that all guns similar in size to the Sig P238 (that I shot in December) will shoot like that Sig and if I'm not comfortable with that Sig, I probably won't be comfortable with much else (shooting wise). He said that I just need to change my wardrobe to fit the gun (which I know). I told him that I don't want to shoot something less than .9mm in caliber. He said that I'm going to have an issue concealing a revolver and said I MIGHT be interested in a Sig P938. There's another range that I intend to start going to that I can rent one. Thank you Mrs. Cicero for your helpful advice.
The guns will shoot a lot alike, but some will be a lot more comfortable than others due to the grips. I like the M&P because it has three options that change the fatness of the grips, and you can easily switch them out to find the one that is the best size for your hands. My one issue with Glocks is the grips are too fat to be comfortable for me.
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