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"New" to me W. German Sig P228

Did a foolish thing today and bought another firearm. Shame on me.

A while back I got a SWISS POLICE TRADE-IN

It is "well worn" to say the least, but a great firearm. I love shooting it, even tho it is only a 9mm

But I really like the 228 platform, and have been watching for others, and found this one today.

This is a police/government surplus pistol, which came with 3 magazines, SIG owner's manual, and in the original serial matched box. It has factory night sights too, but they are fading to dark, just like my swiss miss.

It has a KC date stamp, indicating it is a '92 model.

I'm pretty happy with this purchase, she will proly be a safe queen.

I found a W German P226 in similar condition, but I'm hesitant to snap it up, I like the ergonomics of the 228 better, but it may be a good investment piece to keep in the safe. Torn, am I ... decisions, decisions.

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