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I carried an HK USP compact 9mm for 10 years on a 5'3" 125# frame. Basically, that means I wore it OWB under a jacket when weather allowed, and either in a fanny pack (when they were "fashionable" and I lived in a tourist town), or purse-carried it when the weather was hot or the clothes made hiding it impossible. I always carried the HK with the extension on the magazine, because the grip was just more comfortable with that extra length, and I was more accurate with it than without it.

Now I have a full size S&W M&P 9mm for under the big bulky coat in winter, or open carried on my own property (it's a farm, no one cares), and a little bitty (not really) M&P compact for putting in the purse, or hiding under less jacket.

I despise revolvers. I hate the grips. And I've jammed up an S&W 686 to the point it took tools to fix it - any trouble I've ever had with my semi-autos has been cleared with tap, rack, bang. YMMV.
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