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Originally Posted by Gills63 View Post
Agreed Paulmason, showing a states current deer harvest goes out the window. There would be no one to enforce game laws. Everybody who could would effectively be using poaching methods. Hunter success rate would temporarily go way up. All you have to do is look what happened in the 1800s. Americans did a heck of job of knocking down the US game population. And there was considerably more habit and less effective techniques and technology.

I do agree that I wouldn't want to be anywhere close to a big city. Heck I don't want to be near one now, which is why I'm not.

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You are talking about game population studies done I high traffic/population areas. Take a look at this and tell me,

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do you see any roads? We have thousands of acres of just nothing but that. we are over 360 miles from the largest city in our State. Do you really think the folks are going to tool down here to hunt in that for deer that may weigh 100 pounds, on the hoof, if they are big ones?

How in the world would the experts, who did your studies, go out there and count deer? You really think that country will get drained of game?

Some of you make me think about a guy, sitting in Minnesota looking out his window and saying "Well, I know I can't grow citrus fruit around here so I don't think citrus fruit can be grown anywhere in America"
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