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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
What do you mean by "claim"?
As dependents on my taxes. What do you think I meant?

Many people don't call themselves agnostics or atheists. They haven't been exposed to hundreds of pages of debate on the definition of those words so they just don't think about precisely what to label themselves. They don't think about gods either.

So when you ask someone their religion who never really thought about it you get an "" response from them. Those people are agnostic at best and atheist at even better.

Then there are all of those people that couldn't give two squirts about god or church or religion but will always answer whatever religion they were raised as when asked for a survey just like I will always be a White Sox, Bears and Bulls guy (guess which city I was raised in by pure chance during my impressionable GAFing about sports years?) even though I couldn't care less about sports. Those people are agnostic and atheist too.

Basically my point is that your graph is stupid and pointless.
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