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No pics of the brass available as they fell in the woods...however, my wife and I both remember the spent shell casing as being black, and I think there was a hole in the back of the spent shell....which would explain it all.

The only pic that would indicate anything amiss would just show the part of the mag release that is not there(on the right side, where my right hand would reside,which hand is burned/bruised), and maybe a little melting at the top of the magazine. The small cracks in the frame I do not believe my camera would pick up.

In a way, the glock did hold up, in that my hand is still in one piece. I cannot fault glock for what I believe to be faulty ammo. I mean, Mike jacked this up for me, because I asked for it, but I did say that it must be safe. Mike assured me that it was. I will say no more about Mike as he cannot respond to anything I say.

After all this, I have decided to get another g29sf. I have too much ammo, too many after market parts to just walk away. I feel the gun is safe. I cannot say the same for all the ammo out there. I do have some Swamp Fox 10 mm that I am not sure of anymore. I've never had an issue with any of his 10 mm ammo. Still.....

Just glad to be I can think about all this stuff. Somewhat wiser, and a little more jaded.

If I feel led tomorrow, I may post a pic or two. No promises: a pic would tell you no more than I already have. And hey, I have an excuse. My hand hurts.

Also, the barrel is signs of cracking or damage, a lot of soot but nothing else.

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