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We are in the same boat, somewhat. I started a couple of months agos. I wanted to get my 100 sq. ft. of room I demanded, from the wife, completely remodeled a room, she say honey we really ought to use this room for a guest bedroom.., why do you use the other bedroom to do your man thing. However, I luckily picked up 16 pounds of powder, 3k bullets, 5k primers, 3k casings, and a few other odds and ends. I guess I'm good for a while, by the time I rebuild this whole damned house, I might get to reload some.

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Well I am the guy that just got into loading. For Christmas I asked for a press, scale ect. and was very happy on Christmas morning to have recieved most all of it. Just finished buying and setting up my reloading bench, mounted my new press, minus the shell holder, again very excited. Went to the local store to buy some supplies- very disappointed. I guess if things don't get better soon I can always sell a nice new press to one of you guys who have all the supplies. LOL
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