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Originally Posted by barth View Post
The Silver State ammo is appears to be high end super high quality ammo....

And yup.
Those kooky Bulgarians sure know how to build an AK.
I'm glad I got a 100% Bulgarian gun.
Manufactured and assembled at Arsenal AD (Арсенал АД) in Kazanlak.
Тhanks for the info, I'm very familiar with Barnes bullets for pistol ammo, all my guns at home are loaded with ammo with Barnes bullets, I wasn't sure about the one you mention... I did Google it but the site didn't say anything about the bullet specs... Also, I didn't know there is a Barnes bullet for 5.56... Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying your gun... I still think that you'll have a blast if you convert it to SBR, of course if they allow you to have one in Costa Rica...
Kazanlak is a beautiful small town in the middle of the Balkan - Stara Planina (Old Mountain)...
Most of the weapon building industry in Bulgaria is located there including Factory 10.

Greetings !
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