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Originally Posted by deadandgone View Post
OK, I finally had the guts to look at it real close. I see at least 2 hairline cracks in the frame near the mag release and near the trigger on both sides of the trigger. The piece that blew out is/was part of the mag release.

Dang it...I loved that gun. The slide appears ok with no cracks, and it seems to function ok. If I got a new frame, it may take forever. Getting a new g29 appears as that would take forever. Any ideas about where to get either a new frame or g29?

I'm giving some thought on just giving up on finding another g29 but I do have a lot of 10 mm ammo stockpiled.

I'm just grateful that these are my most pressing issues at the moment. These things will sort themselves out. I am alive, and healthy. Thank God!
Great outlook and attitude. You are right, there is a lot to be grateful for.

In Boise area (Meridian) the Sportsman's Warehouse had a couple G29s very recently. I don't know if they ship though.

Cabelas in Boise had a used gen 3 SF in their gun library for $499. It had external barrel wear to indicate that it had been a shooter. Otherwise pretty clean. Again, I don't know if they ship or not.

Too bad about the frame.

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