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deadandgone: I am glad that you were not seriously hurt. I am sorry to hear that your Glock is hosed. Thank you for getting this information out there.

This is yet another gun blown up with SF ammo. I have reserved my personal thoughts about SF ammo, but I may let a little "leak out" now.

First, Mike Willard was a standup guy who graciously shared a lot about his struggles with his ammo business. His passing was untimely, and we miss him here at GT. He shared more than what most prudent business people did, but he did that for the sake of ongoing discussion with his customers and fellow 10mm enthusiasts.

He always tried to make things right; like replacing a couple of kaboomed firearms. He also personally worried about the levels of gunpowder that he was putting in a given load. He obviously had restless nights worrying about his loads. It was not clear what methods he was using to pressure test his ammo.

Secondly, he had some very basic misunderstandings about internal ballistics, and/or had shifting views. In the end, it seemed to me that Swamp Fox was more or less a hobbyist that had the courage to stuff a ton of Longshot powder in his cases and then sell them to the general public.

Exhibit A: Hodgdon, with a ballistics laboratory, lists a max of 8.2 grains under a 200 grain FMJ @ 35,000 psi. Hornady's max is 7.3 grains. SF was stuffing 10.0 grains (22% more than Hodgdon & 33% more than Hdy) under a longer high friction XTP. He had a "de-rated" load at a bit less. But that begs the question: If we know that the pressure curve gets steeper, and if 8.2 grains = 35,000 psi, what is the pressure of a 10.0 grain charge?

When these loads caused problems, he looked to unsupported chambers, or weak recoil springs, something peculiar about G29s, or barrels that were too long; rather than analyzing the pressure levels of his ammo.

The downside to Mudrush (his GT user name) so generously sharing his load data, was that he shared his load data. Folks assume that since a small producer of hot ammo loaded those recipes, they must be good-to-go. To say the least, these loads must be approached with extreme caution. Better yet, they should be avoided.

Thanks again deadandgone for posting this word of caution.
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